The synthesis of healthy new skin cells requires certain nutrients and the integrity of your skin can therefore be heavily reliant on diet. In addition to this the skin relies on the functioning of many systems, and can often be an outward manifestation of how well your body is functioning internally.

Imbalances with hormones, immunity, digestion and inflammation can contribute to skin problem such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or sensitive skin. For such cases the objective is always to work to the heart of the problem so that the protocol can be targeted to the individual’s specific requirements.

Alice is skin obsessed, and as well as spending many hours studying the latest research in nutrition and dermatology, has worked with thousands of clients wanting to manage specific dermatological conditions, or simply promote youthful glowing skin that is more resistant to the signs of ageing.


• Tailor nutrient intake to maximise collagen production and promote healing

• Balance hormonal activity to help prevent hormone-induced skin conditions

• Help control DNA damage that can lead to wrinkles and sings of ageing

• Reduce inflammatory reactions that can contribute to eczema, psoriasis and hives.

• Regulate digestive dysfunction, which is commonly implicated with problematic skin

• Identify allergies and intolerances that could be leading to skin conditions such as eczema, acne, hives, dermatitis and psoriasis

• Support restful beauty sleep


Alice’s skin regeneration package includes three 50-minute consultations in which clients can expect to receive a bespoke nutritional program tailored to suit their specific needs and requirements.Protocols will vary depending on the person, their specific condition and other factors such as lifestyle, stress and health history.

Though tests are not always necessary for each person, should they be required this also allows for interpretation and time to monitor changes based on results.

Alice practises at The John Tsagaris Clinic, 24 Godfrey St, Chelsea SW3 3SX

Cost: £400 (includes x3 50 minute consultations, excludes tests and supplements)

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“After 10 years of suffering Cystic acne on my face intermittently, Alice was by far the best professional specialist I have ever been consulted by. Her consultative approach to my needs were delicately assessed, understood and reactive which is so refreshing to receive after years of consultations with various medical specialists. Alice’s expertise and knowledge allowed me to understand what internal support I needed to make positive changes to my skin, immune and digestive system. Her strategic nutrition plan successfully helped my skin clear within 4 weeks and I amazingly felt more energetic and confident. She is definitely my go to person as someone I highly refer as a nutritionist.” Katherine, London, 35. 

I went to Alice with persistent acne that flared up after I came off the pill. After two months of following her advise I found my skin had cleared up massively – fewer spots came and I noticed improved healing and redness. Now it is back to what it was whilst I was on the pill with the added bonus of more energy and improved sleep cyclesThanks Alice! Jemma, 28, Surrey 

Alice’s skin regeneration programme greatly helped to improve the tone, texture and brightness of my skin. After each meeting I felt more equipped to ensure I was eating the right things for my own personal skin and people now comment on how much it glows!  Jin, 35, Edinburgh

I took my 20 year old daughter to see Alice after psoriasis flared up. Alice quickly helped to identify trigger foods and explained what might be causing her unpredictable and sudden onset. Surprisingly it was more to do with her immune system and digestive health than just what she was eating! Though she gets the occasional flare up it’s much more predictable and we know what to do to help manage it. Thanks. Eva, London.