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I first went to Alice looking for a cure for my hormonal acne. It was really bad at the time, I had tonnes of large cystic pustules beneath the surface of my skin, that would continuously break out all over my cheeks and around my jawline. I’d had acne for about 3 years, my skin was bumpy and my complexion was red and irritated from creams that my doctor had prescribed, which were only making things worse. I had previously tried the combined pill which, although worked to clear my skin, made me suffer horrible side effects like hair loss, weight gain and spurts of nausea. By the time I found Alice, I had really tried everything and nothing was working to fix the problem. I decided I needed an expert’s opinion to heal this issue from the inside out.

From our very first appointment, Alice made me feel that I was in experienced hands. We spoke for well over an hour, discussing everything from diet to physical symptoms, and mental health. I left with a sense of positivity and newfound control over my life and in just 3 weeks of implementing her dietary suggestions I saw radical changes to my skin. Three sessions in and about 6 months later, my skin is well on it’s the way to becoming perfectly clear. All of the cystic spots have healed up, my skin is smooth and soft, which is something I thought I’d never be able to say again! I used to dream of having peachy skin! I still get the occasional spot but Alice assures me that hormones can take a while to fully even out and function optimally. I’m really hopeful because I trust her and besides, I can live with a couple of spots a week, I haven’t forgotten where I came from.

The scarring that was left is also healing at miracle speed and my digestive system, which I’ve learned is intrinsically linked to the health of my skin, hasn’t been this reliable in years. If you want the full body-mind healing package, Alice is your absolute go-to and worth every penny!

Gemma, 30, London

After 10 years of suffering Cystic acne on my face intermittently, Alice was by far the best professional specialist I have ever been consulted by.

Her consultative approach to my needs were delicately assessed, understood and reactive which is so refreshing to receive after years of consultations with various medical specialists.

Alice’s expertise and knowledge allowed me to understand what internal support I needed to make positive changes to my skin, immune and digestive system.

Her strategic nutrition plan successfully helped my skin clear within 4 weeks and I amazingly felt more energetic and confident.

She is definitely my go to person as someone I highly refer as a nutritionist.

Katherine, 34 - London

“Alice has been an essential partner in my return to health after breast cancer. Her detailed technical knowledge of any nutritional factors involved, as well as the thoroughness of her research have been of great practical benefit, and I was also buoyed up by her very empathic and focussed approach during a difficult time. Above and beyond the consultations Alice has also been very generous with her time following up various questions, and all this has meant I feel she is a practitioner I have been very lucky to meet.”

Prunella, 65 - London
“Alice is one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent nutritionists that we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her insights into the relationship between wellness and nutrition will help you not only look and feel your best, but be your best too.”
Sadie MacLeod, Editor-in-Chief,

“I know I can always rely on Alice to comment on and explain any aspect of nutrition, and that she will come back to me with bags of accurate information that is both highly relevant and interesting to read.”

Danielle Richardson, Sub-Editor, Shortlist

“Alice is very knowledgeable about food and how it impacts the body, as you’d expect from a top nutritionist. But her real strength lies in being able to break down what is very scientific into something that people can easily understand. Since seeing her, my approach to sugar consumption and teaming protein with complex carbs has improved dramatically.”

Poorna Bell, Lifestyle Editor, Huffington Post

“Following my husbands diagnosis of prostate cancer we were anxious to provide him with a good nutritious diet to give him the best chance of a full recovery.  Despite my best efforts he was lacking in energy and was not looking well. I decided that we needed sound nutritional advice and so we approached Alice for expert guidance.  We have found Alice to be a wonderful support and source of sound advice. Alice is and a great listener and skilfully designed a diet that took onboard our needs yet addressed the shortcomings in our original diet. Alice was always thorough and well prepared for our meetings and explanations were clearly presented so we could make an informed choice. There was never any pressure to take on board recommendations. What I deeply appreciated was finding Alice to be both compassionate and uplifting. After every meeting I felt re energised for the task ahead and confident that the agreed plan of treatment would work. Today my husband is slimmer, and healthier with a better skin colour and more energy.  I would not hesitate to recommend Alice and can only sing highly of her skill and warmth which has transformed my husbands health giving him the advantage in the fight against cancer, for which we are both truly grateful.”

Anne, 52, The Wirral

“I went to Alice with ongoing digestive problems, with very little idea as to what or why they were. Not only did I find someone who instantly understood where I was coming from and the realities of daily life, but a professional who was knowledgeable, incisive and infectiously enthusiastic about nutrition. Following Alice’s advice I feel brighter, lighter and more energised. My tummy problems have all but disappeared and more superficial things like my skin and hair are in really good shape. I know I have Alice, and her bottomless understanding of nutrition and healthy living, to thank. I also think it’s safe to say that I have never had more enjoyable or interesting ‘appointments’!

Lizzy, 26, London

“When I first visited Alice I was quite focused on a few problems I thought were caused by allergies or something worse, but we discussed so many areas of my health I gained a much better understanding of how all the pieces of the puzzle fitted together. I also started to realise the eating habits I’d developed over the years really didn’t make any sense at all!

After just two months my original symptoms had gone, I ‘accidentally’ lost two inches from my waist, and my skin was so good I stopped wearing foundation and concealer. I had a facial around this time and the beautician said she had no idea why I was there as my skin was perfect!

I’ve had so many unexpected benefits, but most of all, I have a much better understanding of food, digestion, and how to put together a nutritionally balanced meal.

Thanks Alice!”

Becky, 32 (London)

We came to see Alice last year – my wife had issues with IBS and we were also going through IVF treatment. Not only did Alice’s advice really help with Denisse’s IBS, (which is now under control and she rarely ever suffers now) but we are also expecting our first baby in December. Thank you for all your help and advice!

Mr and Mrs Murray

I met Alice through my work programme, which was to ensure that we perform well as managers and pay a healthy attention to our work life balance. I always was very interested in a healthy lifestyle but I have felt a bit sceptical before meeting Alice, about what can be so ‘new’ and what might be possible to be learned in the world of over information….

My questions were very soon answered as Alice offered me an amazing insight and in depth knowledge. She tailored her advices specific to me and all recommended food and diet were based on my health concerns. She explained it all in a great detail, with some valuable connections and useful links and recipies! The success is already evident in my improved health, calmer mind and improved work performance. Alice has shown me that there are some easy and very effective ways of moving from unhealthy habits of Wrong Doing into a very nice and calm Well Being!

Janka, 38 (Kent)

Alice is just wonderful in her approach: friendly, yet professional, dedicated, patient, honest and non-judgemental – qualities that sadly seem fairly hard to find altogether in one practitioner. She has helped me dig deeper more than anyone (and it’s been
a while!!) and I always have felt confident with her decisions how best to move forward.

Alex, 35, London

“I visited Alice a year ago. I was living an extremely hectic life constantly working, being on the move, and living between airplanes and countries, while in the same time, trying to conceive. My sleeping and eating patterns were very poor with a great quantity of carbohydrates sustaining me during the day. Alice was recommended to me by a colleague. After my first visit, I was given a plan with a clear direction for each of my main meals as well as some healthy snacks in between. I found Alice to be really knowledgable and she knew what’s going on immediately after I shared my lifestyle patterns. In the next months, with the support of some strong, healthy food in combination with the right vitamin supplements, I started to restore my energy levels and I found myself pregnant half a year later. I couldn’t be more thankful and continued to sustain all the great recommendations from Alice even during my pregnancy. Alice’s positivism and energy are incredible, and in combination with her knowledge, I found her super, super helpful. Thank you, Alice!”

Elena, London

“Alice was so warm and welcoming, and I felt extremely comfortable discussing my situation with her. She listened and fed back such great advice and thoughts. In only one appointment, I came away with so much useful information that I could incorporate into my daily lifestyle. It has made such a difference! Thank you so much Alice!”

Becky, 25, London

“This was one of the best seminars I’ve attended. It’s great to hear about how a personal journey can turn into something so positive and powerful especially when something as accessible as diet can help. So much useful info. Both were brilliant speakers and I wish I could have hung back to speak to them some more. Can’t wait to get the book.” (Seminar run by Alice Mackintosh and Rachel Kelly, October 2017)

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“I went to Alice after having a baby, when I was having trouble re-calibrating my body. I was self-conscious about weight gain and thought I was eating properly. Alice was so warm and supportive, and helped me make tiny tweaks to my diet so that I took off three stone and kept it off (two years later). I go back to see her every year for a tune-up, including this year to plan for a second pregnancy. It is so reassuring that she doesn’t tell me I should swear off something I like, and she’s totally non-judgemental about easy options for non-cooks. At the same time, she doesn’t coddle me – she’s pretty clear that results often require effort. Also, she is extremely helpful with follow-up emails about anything. I rely on her expertise and support hugely.”

Ilana, London